Alchimie Photographique | About
I am a Miami based writer and photographer. I have always been intrigued by the unfinished, by suggestion. I feel it exerts great power on the viewer when a poem, a painting, a photograph, or any work of art is finished not within the frame, but in the persuasive, meditative silence of the observer’s eye. It is analogous to the mystery of abandoned buildings and sunken ships, to unfinished sentences, to the poetry of Rilke and Gluck, to that which makes us wonder and reach conclusions in the complexity of our own inner world.

Current Exhibits/ Projects:

"Wings and Florals"

Upcoming Exhibits/ Publications:

"Urban International Art Fair"
Curated by Carl Juste
Kroma Art Space - Coconut Grove
Nov 20th 2014 to Jan 15th 2015

"Wings and Florals"
Double Exposures
Books and Books - Coral Gables, 2016

Past Exhibits/ Publications:

"Deering Estate Artist Residency"
Exploring Deering Estate at Cutler through the Elements
July 1st 2012- March 30th 2014"

Actor's Playhouse - Coral Gables , Spring 2014

"South Florida Opulence Magazine"
6 Page interview w/Photos - Winter Issue 2013

"Deering Estate Artist in Residence Exhibit"
Deering Estate - Aug 8th - Oct 4th 2013

Miami New Times - Best Flickr Stream Nomination

South Florida Opulence Magazine
Deering Bay - Fall Issue 2013

Actors Playhouse
25 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Photo

"From Motion to Stillness"
Zhu B Gallery- Chicago, February 17, 2013

"50 Shades of Grey"
Palmetto Bay Village Center, April 2012- July 2012

"Becky's New Car"
Actor's Playhouse - Coral Gables , May 2012- June 2012

"Miami - See it like a Native"
Palmetto Bay Village Center, Sept 2011- April 2012

Books and Books - Coral Gables, March 2012

"2011 Spring Photography Exhibit"
Deering Estate - March 16 through April 17, 2011

"Spain - Beauty and Sadness"
Books and Books - Coral Gables, November 2010

"Human Nature"
UVA - Coral Gables, September 2010

Deering Estate, April 2010

"Spain - Beauty and Sadness"
Books and Books - Coral Gables, December 2009